Worldwide Albumin Forecast 2014-2020


 2014 – 2020

In 2014, close to 1,000 metric tons of human albumin were used worldwide. Albumin is one of the cornerstones of the plasma industry for the following reasons:

  • It was the first therapeutic protein extracted from human plasma over fifty years ago, and largely contributed to the fractionation industry’s expansion. It is easier to manufacture than any other plasma products, facilitating market entry by new companies.
  • It has the longest safety track record among all the plasma therapeutics. The risk of pathogen and virus transmission through albumin has been practically eliminated early on.
  • Over the years, the market acceptance of human albumin has been subjected to cycles determined by its price in relation to its main competitors, crystalloids and non plasma-based colloids, and influenced by various clinical research findings. Several clinical studies aiming at identifying specific medical indications for albumin are now on-going in the areas of nephrology, intensive care, internal medicine and neurology.

The Marketing Research Bureau (MRB) has completed a new research study forecasting the global albumin demand by region from 2014 to 2020 in units and dollars, taking advantage of recent forecasts of the albumin demand by indications in China (2014), the United States (2014) and Europe (2015).

A detailed proposal is available from the Marketing Research Bureau