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The MARKETING RESEARCH BUREAU (MRB) is the premier supplier of market data and intelligence on the global blood and plasma industry. Over the years, it has become a trusted source of information in this space and its clients comprise all the major plasma products manufacturers, on all five continents. Its database spans over several decades, and includes prices, volumes, market shares, and forecasts of the main plasma and recombinant therapeutic proteins. It has accumulated an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the workings of the global plasma industry, from blood and plasma collections to patients’ usage of plasma-derived drugs through manufacturing and domestic and international distribution.

The MRB published its first report on The Plasma Proteins Market in the United States in 1974, and continues to publish it annually. This report is an essential reference for the entire plasma industry and other stakeholders involved in this highly specialized field. In addition to analyzing the sales of all the plasma-derived and recombinant therapeutic proteins commercialized in the United States, this report covers plasma collection and fractionation, R&D, and includes the profiles of the companies active in this industry.

Each year, the MRB surveys the plasma proteins markets in a different region on a rotation basis. The country chapters of these regional reports include the sections in annex. Approximately 70 countries are surveyed over the three-year cycle (Europe, Asia & Pacific, Latin America and Middle East). The data from the regional reports are compiled every other year in another publication titled The Worldwide Plasma Proteins Market to give a global look at the plasma protein sales.

Every three years, the MRB publishes an International Directory of Plasma Fractionators and Plasma Supply Analysis which lists all the commercial firms and non-profit organizations involved in the processing of human plasma into therapeutic products. This report details their contact information, product portfolio, plasma processing capacity and throughput, as well as the plasma supply by type and origin. This report is complemented by a ten-year forecast of plasma fractionation capacities and plasma throughput by company.

Each month, the MRB publishes International Blood/Plasma News (IB/PN), covering business, scientific and technological events in the blood and plasma space. IBPN features major industry events, mergers and acquisitions, new products and processes, research & development, product safety, pricing, patents, and more. All back issues since 1983 are available in electronic format (pdf).

Besides its regional market analyses, the MRB prepares other syndicated studies and forecasts on specific products such as albumin, polyvalent immune globulin (IgG), coagulation factors, fibrinogen, C-1 Inhibitor, blood collections and component productions, etc.

For clients with specific information needs, the MRB can undertake customized research projects, including country and products market forecasts, market intelligence, etc. For a client with specific needs or one that wants to get up to speed on the latest news through consultation phone calls, we can share our knowledge and produce reports that fit your need and scope.

The MRB always selects the approach and methodology best suited for each research project. Its comprehensive database facilitates the analysis of market trends and company strategies. This database is continuously enriched with new data and information generated the by country surveys. In all its research, the MRB abides by the current market research professional standards and maintains the highest levels of objectivity and accuracy, as well as cost effectiveness.