Global Forecast of Hemophilia Therapies by Product, Region and Company to 2027


The 2027 Global Forecast of the Hemophilia Care Markets by Region, Product Category and Company is a quantitative projection of the sales of all the coagulation factor concentrates – plasma-derived and recombinant, standard and extended half-life and of non-factor products such as mAB and gene therapy from 2018 to 2027. The forecast is in dollars and units (see sample table below).

The forecast model utilizes data on coagulation factor sales gathered in over 95 countries by the Marketing Research Bureau. The data include volume and prices, allowing for measuring the adoption rate of new products and switching.

The forecast is provided as an Excel file featuring the market evolution in each of the years 2018 to 2027 in units price and dollar sales by company, region and product type. The forecast assumptions are provided in a text format sent along with the Excel file. By using an Excel format, the forecasts are interactive allowing clients to modify them using their own assumptions.

The forecast is updated every 1-2 years and was last updated in March 2022. 

Hemophilia Chart 2018-2027