Fibrinogen Usage and Forecast Globally to 2027



A new and expanded fibrinogen forecast report has recently been completed and is immediately available called:




This report updates and significantly expands a previous report on the topic first published in 2016.

Fibrinogen as an intravenous purified plasma product has two markets: a small congenital deficiency replacement market and a much larger acquired fibrinogen deficiency market for patients with massive hemorrhage. Marketing Research Bureau surveys have identified fibrinogen as among the most promising therapeutic proteins, reflected also in impressive recent sales growth.

This new report identifies intravenous fibrinogen usage from over 70 countries in 2019 and 2020 based on actual usage data in markets surveyed by the MRB. Interviews with over a dozen physicians, fractionators and industry experts on the usage and trends of intravenous fibrinogen usage have enabled the MRB to develop a market forecast of the global fibrinogen market to the year 2027.

For 2021 through 2027, the report forecasts country-level fibrinogen sales in units, sales and pricing. Also identified are key fibrinogen growth drivers in countries in the major markets in Europe, North America, and China.

The report is delivered as a pdf file and the supporting Excel files. The current report table of contents is shown below to help the reader understand the value of the report. The report is immediately available.

The Worldwide Fibrinogen Market

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Current Report


1) Overview of Fibrinogen and Use

1.1) Coagulation Cascade and Role of Fibrinogen
1.2) Fibrinogen Deficiency and Treatment

Congenital Fibrinogen Deficiency
Acquired Fibrinogen Deficiency

1.3) Standard of Care in Severe Hemorrhage Situations

Standard of Care Methods of Testing Hemostasis and Coagulopathy
Countries that Monitor Fibrinogen Levels have Higher Fibrinogen Sales
Competition to Intravenous Fibrinogen

2) Fibrinogen Products and Pipeline

2.1) Product Currently Available
2.2) Fibrinogen concentrate Pipeline

3) Forecast Assumptions

4) Fibrinogen Usage & Forecast in Europe

4.1) 2020 Fibrinogen Usage in Europe

Treatment Trends in Austria, Germany & Switzerland and Why it Leads to High Fibrinogen Usage
Treatment Trends in Countries with Moderate Fibrinogen Usage Per Capita
Treatment Trends in Countries with Low Fibrinogen Usage Per Capita

4.2) Forecast to 2027 in Europe

Forecast trends in High-Use Countries Austria, Germany & Switzerland
Forecast trends in Medium-Use Countries in Europe
Forecast trends in Low-Use Countries in Europe

5) Fibrinogen Usage & Forecast in North America

5.1) 2020 Fibrinogen Usage in North America

United States Today
Canada Today

5.2) Forecast to 2027 in North America

United States Forecast Trends
Canada Forecast Trends

6) Fibrinogen Usage & Forecast in Asia & Pacific

6.1) 2020 Fibrinogen Usage in Asia & Pacific

China Today
Other Countries in Asia & Pacific

6.2) Forecast to 2027 in Asia & Pacific

China Forecast Trends
Other Countries in Asia & Pacific Forecast Trends

7) Fibrinogen Usage & Forecast in Middle East & Africa

7.1) 2020 Fibrinogen Usage in Middle East & Africa
7.2) Forecast to 2027 in Middle East & Africa

8) Fibrinogen Usage & Forecast in Latin America

8.1) 2020 Fibrinogen Usage in Latin America
8.2) Forecast to 2027 in Latin America

9) Worldwide Usage and Forecast of Fibrinogen Usage

9.1) 2020 Worldwide Fibrinogen Usage
9.2) Worldwide Forecast to 2027

Growth in Fibrinogen Market Driven by Acquired Fibrinogen Deficiency Uptake