Emerging Markets for Hemophilia Therapies – Prospects for New Opportunities


This is a new type of report that utilizes extensive historical and personal experience to systematically examine how hemophilia product adoption occurs in different countries and applies these metrics to 15 emerging national markets. These countries include 8 in Africa (6 Sub-Saharan), 3 in Asia, and 4 in Latin America. All 15 markets were selected from a pool of over 60 countries on the basis of their strong potential for sustained market growth in hemophilia treatment for the next 5-10 years. These 15 countries span from those that currently provide minimal factor replacement therapy, to those on the cusp of providing significant patient access to prophylactic treatments.

This report includes the following focused information and analysis:

  • Description of the typical path followed by emerging markets, from no factor concentrate use (or product donations only) to initiating product purchasing and continuing evolution toward higher levels of care and replacement therapy (called Hemophilia Development Pattern);
  • Analysis of the current Hemophilia Development Pattern stage for each of the 15 targeted countries, applying a model comprising four assessment areas;
  • For each country, identification of challenges that can impede progress to the next development/product purchase stage, and suggestions for how companies or organizations can help facilitate advancement to a higher development stage;
  • In each of the 15 targeted countries, identification of action items that can expand the hemophilia therapies market.
  • Provision of a framework (Hemophilia Development Pattern and Four Assessment Categories) that can be used to analyze any additional country in the same fashion, to determine near- and mid-term therapeutic growth potential by proprietary analysis.

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List of Tables and Charts

Executive Summary

1. Introduction

2. Overview – Indicators of Market Growth

3. Challenges to Growth of Hemophilia Markets

4. Discussion of Indicators and Growth

5. Hemophilia Development: Assessing Individual Countries

6. Country Assessment #1

7. Country Assessment #2

8. Country Assessment #3

9. Country Assessment #4

10. Country Assessment #5

11. Country Assessment #6

12. Country Assessment #7

13. Country Assessment #8

14. Country Assessment #9

15. Country Assessment #10

16. Country Assessment #11

17. Country Assessment #12

18. Country Assessment #13

19. Country Assessment #14

20. Country Assessment #15

21. Summary of Countries and Suggestions for Improvement