Patrick Robert, Ph.D.

Patrick Robert, is the president of the Marketing Research Bureau, Inc. and publisher of International Blood/Plasma News.

Mr. Robert has over twenty five years experience in the field of blood and plasma, having worked in both for the non-profit and commercial sectors. After holding various positions with consulting firms and international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) in India (1972) and the French Social Studies Corporation (SEDES) in France, Ivory Coast and Gabon (1976), his involvement in the blood field began in 1977 as he was appointed Administrator of the Blood Transfusion Service Department of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 1985, he moved to California and worked as a Market Research Analyst with the Marketing Research Bureau, Inc. while serving as Editor of International Blood/Plasma News. In 1987, he was hired by Bayer/Miles to become Marketing Research Manager of the Biological Products Division of this company’s Pharmaceutical Group in Connecticut. In 1993, he joined the Marketing Research Bureau again to become a principal in 1995.

Mr. Robert holds a B.A. and a doctorate in Health Economics from the University of Aix en Provence, France (1968), a Master of Public Administration from Cornell University (1970) and he was a visiting student at the University of Tübingen, Germany (1968).


Matthew Hotchko, Ph.D., MBA

Matthew Hotchko joined the Marketing Research Bureau, Inc. at the end of 2011 as Director of Research. In this capacity, he is responsible for the design, execution and writing of a number of syndicated and proprietary market research reports for a wide variety of clients, with a primary focus on the major plasma-based products. He has ten years of experience in the blood and plasma products industry.

Prior to joining the Marketing Research Bureau, Dr. Hotchko worked at Baxter International (now Shire) from 2008 to 2011, in the areas of global market intelligence and analytics covering all plasma-based products in the company’s portfolio. Previously, he worked as a research scientist investigating protein-protein interactions and as a project consultant for startups in the business development area.

Dr. Hotchko received his MS and PhD degrees in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego and his MBA from San Diego State University.


Keith Berman, MPH, MBA

Mr. Berman provides market research, business planning and reimbursement consulting services to biomedical products firms.  His work for biotherapeutics and medical device clients focuses on the delivery of critical information, in-depth analysis and practical solutions for product development and marketing challenges.

From 1990 until he founded Health Research Associates (HRA) in 1996, Mr. Berman served as Director of Marketing Services for Siemens Pacesetter and MiniMed Technologies, affiliated medical device firms involved in cardiac arrhythmia management and insulin pump therapy for diabetes control. He was previously employed for three years in market research and product development at the Hyland division of Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

Since 1989, Mr. Berman has served as Editor of International Blood/Plasma News, an industry newsletter for manufacturers of blood, plasma and biotechnology based human therapeutics and diagnostics.

Earlier employment experience includes basic research in immunology and applied research in human infectious disease, genetics, cancer and neuropathology at UCLA and the City of Hope National Medical Center.

Mr. Berman earned a B.A. in Biological Science (1977) at UC Berkeley.  He earned an MBA in Marketing and an MPH in Health Services Management (1986) in a concurrent degree program at UCLA.